Peace of Mind PC - Services

Troubleshooting / Computer Repair

Whatever strange behavior your computer is exhibiting....we will root out the cause of the problem, and offer a comprehensive solution.

Internet Setup / Sharing

We can help you set up your residential or business high-speed connections.

We can also enable your home or business network to share your Internet connection to as many computers you my have.

Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering important data from damaged hard drives. Our specialists can retrieve information from even your most damaged hard drives, and save you from having to redo all that work.

We can retrieve important files and documents from any type of hard drive.

Home Computer Networks

We can do either wireless or cabled networks in your home or business to enable the sharing of files, Internet access and printers/scanners between all your computers.

Virus Removal / Protection

Let us get rid of those viruses and parasites for you and then help you prevent such occurrences from happening again.

Spy Ware Removal / Protection

Spy ware protection through real-time threat blocking, scanning and immunization, anything less is like putting locks on the front door of your house but letting intruders in through the side or back door. This is one of the many reasons why users need to protect their PCs against Spy ware, Ad ware, Trojans, Key loggers, Spy bots and other tracking threats.

Let us get rid of those Spy ware and parasites for you and then help you prevent such occurrences from happening again.

Customize Hardware Solutions

Need new specialty hardware? We specialize in building high performance systems for home and business use. Let our team of specialists show you how the right equipment can save you time and money.

Software / Hardware Installation / Training

Need help installing software or new hardware? We install the hardware and software to get you up and running with your new purchase.

Computer / Network Optimization

Is your computer or network running as well as it can? Do you have "Parasites" slowing your computer to a crawl? Is your network getting bogged down? We can find and exterminate the problems.

Web Sites Setup

We will help you design and maintain your company's online presence. We specialize in everything from E-commerce solutions to a basic web presence. Our team of talented designers and programmers can take your company global, and reach out to millions of new customers worldwide.

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